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Nightbird Movie 2023

Nightbird Movie Download

Nightbird Movie Download

"Nightbird" is a Filipino thriller movie released in 2023. Directed by Lawrence Fajardo, the film tells the story of Rachel, who attends a party where she encounters four men. The night takes a dark turn when Rachel and her friends are sexually assaulted by the men. Determined to seek vengeance, Rachel embarks on a journey to make them pay for their actions.

The movie has received mixed reviews. Some viewers have praised the storyline, while others have criticized the explicit depiction of the sexual assault scenes. The film is described as a revenge thriller with elements of exploitation.

"Nightbird" has a runtime of approximately 1 hour and 37 minutes. It features Christine Bermas, Sid Lucero, and Felix Roco in the lead roles.

Please note that the movie contains graphic violence, prolonged nudity, and sensitive content related to sexual assault. Viewer discretion is advised.



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